into the rainbow vein

between chocolate coffin & synthetic flying machine

2 January
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army ants, asexuality, beeing pure, broken bones, chronic pain non-stop, cicatrices de guerre, coeur de haine, confetti all over you, crying & then sleeping, doing provocative things, dramatic music, drawing birds, drinking fake coffee, earth-ocean, effect&cause, english/french, flying away, ghost accident, hands (in motion), high&down, hospital beds, i eat your secrets, i lied when i-said-i-was-okay, i said no-no!, if i have to-go, into dust, l'étrange cafard, legendary hearts, les minutes de dérive, little drop of poison, lucidité passive, making cards, microphones in the trees, more action!less tears, my dead husband, my life without me, never enough good, not even try, one more night, opiates everyday/pills like candy, pale skin doll, panic engulged me, playing dress-up, purefection, reflection in the mirror, river in the valley, sitting on my balcony, sleeping on the floor, smell coffee, spoon not fork, talking to strangers, taxi not bus, the first five minutes, trees familia, visage de bois, wish you were here, world keeps turning, you pay for my-life, you're not good