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EDIT : ALL THE PACKAGES ARE GONE! IF YOU WANT ONE it's 20$ (shipping included) *USA/CANADA* you can comment or email me at :) thank youuuuuuuu xo

package includes:
- random paper
- paper from encyclopedia
- beads
- stamps
- stickers
- ribbons
- charms
- feathers
- small playing cards
- found objects
- fabric
- etcetera!


Look at my messy stuff! LOL :)






COMMENTS ARE SCREENED. You can leave your adress. If you really want a package (if you're not one of the winner) you can purchase one for 20$ ( USA / CANADA ) You can also specify if you want more fabric, or insect paper or flowers etc. I'll do my best to find stuff that make you happy for your art stuff! :) xoxo

My email is:

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(Screened comment)
yes darling!! You're the first :):)

(Screened comment)
you're the second!!! :) XO

yes :( If you want one it's 20$ shipping included :)

(Deleted comment)
Hi darling! Yes I will ship you one. Don't need to pay more. it's just to pay the enveloppe/shipping. it's not to make money. just sharing with my livejournal friends ;)

I'm moving first week of august but I have a po BOX. still good. all the time.


PO BOX 35706
CP léo Pariseau
Montréal, Québec
H2X 0A4

could you tell me if there's anything you want more, anatomy, insect? people? fabric? buttons? I know you, but very little, I'd like to give stuff that you will enjoy :)

thank you again!

oh I don't have paypal anymore. I will tell you my friends paypal adress later. I don't know what is it.

(Deleted comment)
I started your package yesterday :) Will mail soon <3

aww thank lovelyyyy ♥

I didn't get your money sweety;
my friend told me he got it, but it's not.
maybe it's 'pending' or something.

could you check? :) I really want to mail you a package, will do this week!

thanks! ♥

(Deleted comment)
if you have some problems, you can email me a gifcard at - its easy and fast. you can pay with any credit card. :)

You can send the money at this paypal adress :
Thank you darling!! XOXOXOX

ps. found objects too! like i said, anything odd. if you want to send more than 20 dollars' worth, i'll pay more. maybe 30.00? i don't know. i need more objects to do more art.

darling! :) You're so sweet, I don't really want to have money, just paying enveloppe/shipping, pay 20 or 30$ as you want :) I Will make you A HUGE package!

I have a gift for you since one year I think- a dried SEAHORSE. a real one!

yes, I have tons of insects pictures, encyclopedia, and buttons.

you can send to my PO BOX:
po BOX 35706
Montreal, QUÉBEC
H2X 0A4

im moving first week of august, but my po box is always good :) ♥

Aw I wish I had have seen this sooner!

(Screened comment)
heyy darling! :) I do have anatomy stuff, and everything!

You can send the money at this paypal adress :
(its my friend's paypal, my account is deleted)

Thank you dso much!! XOXOXOX

will ship soon <3

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